The Consumption Of Low Quality Food Products

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The consumption of low quality food products, especially Fast food products, is a controversial issue in China as well as society today. Many people are at odds over whether the processing and advertisings corporations are to blame for food related illness and lack of food safety. Some say it is ultimately the consumer’s responsibility because they make a free will decision in choosing what to eat, others say the government is to be blamed because it is their responsibility to protect its citizens from harmful produce. Many sources, however, suggest that the food corporations are to blame for their consumers’ food related illnesses and deaths because they have continually denied the safety issues of their food and fail to provide safety protocols for workers to follow. And although Food safety and security standards have improved, the enforcement of these regulations continues to lag. It is imperative that food safety and security is improved by accessing stronger regulations on food distributors, applying the revised safety laws on all major food companies, and improving local sourcing for organic produce in order to better the food safety of the nation. Food is too much of an important necessity to daily life for issues like toxins and viruses that stem from lack of proper food safety protocols and laws to still affect us today. The Chinese government faces immense pressure when citizens and foreigners begin to question why the Chinese government cannot guarantee safe
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