The Consumption Of Wine By Imbibing Wine

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Isn’t it ironic that in Ancient Greece the consumption of wine was encouraged for promoting liberated speech in intellectual social gatherings? We in the United States treat alcohol as a slow but deadly poison that should be avoided. By imbibing wine in events known as symposiums, the Greek would discuss intellectual ideas which lead to the acceleration of knowledge. In some cases, the symposia weren’t only for poetry and discussion, the symposiarch would hire woman for entertaining purposes. The woman would play instruments, dance, or even engage in sexual encounters with the men livening up the event with culture and music. Unfortunately, this was the only way woman could partake in symposiums due to cultural norms regarding their social…show more content…
Anacreon would be an individual that could be celebrated in such a way. In short entertainment and status were important, being an intellectual male gave you popularity. Given that entertainment isn’t the sole purpose of symposium, the drinking cup (kylix) with a group of youths and older men at the symposium displays the interaction between men. The drinking cup is very unique, on the basis that no other piece within MFA displays a sizeable group of men of differing ages. The piece epitomizes Greek sexuality; the people of Ancient Greece believed in the concept of love between erastes (older men) and eromenos (younger men). The younger men would look up to the older men as sexual and philosophical mentors. According to the museum label “Older men and beardless youth mingle and converse at a symposium” (np); you can clearly identify that the older men are pursuing the younger males. In Symposium Pausanius states “Heavenly Aphrodite” represents the love between males because “they find pleasure in what is by nature stronger and more intelligent” (833). In other words, only men had the capability to love one another intellectually, women were inferior and didn’t have the mental capacity to comprehend love. It’s important to realize, the other drinking

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