The Contamination Of The Marine Environment

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Unless an accident or in case of nuclear war, man is relatively protected from direct radioactive contamination, ie caused by breathing air contaminated by radioactive bodies. Actually, the current main danger comes from the high degree of biological concentration of radioactive along the food chain substances. Thus an indirect radioactive contamination that begins with the warehouse in soil and water of radioactive pollutants from the atmosphere fallen occurs. In animals and plants that draw their nourishment from the soil and water bodies such focus, transmitting them to their predators dangerous proportions. In the marine environment it is clearly seen this phenomenon. Algae often come to have a radioactivity specifies thousand times higher than the surrounding water, and plankton concentration factor that can become of 5000. aquatic animals that feed on such organisms can reach concentrations even more high. Radioactivity in plants focuses on the leaves and stems more than seeds. It is a factor that hurts herbivores. In the final link in the food chain, man, cross-contamination occurs via the digestive tract after taking contaminated food or food plant. Milk, for example, is one of the main vehicles for cross-contamination in some countries. This explains why the bones of children, which constitutes the main food milk containing strontium-90 more than those of adults. It has been estimated that the world population is exposed to natural radiation environment comprised
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