The Contemporary Age Of A Novel Written By J. D. Salinger

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The Contemporary Age began in the mid 1940’s and is still continuing today. This age was different from the previous ages, but like all ages before it, it had its successes and problems. The Contemporary age has been characterized by wars or the threat of war. This left the American civilians feeling scared. This fear and the life of the American civilian during the Contemporary Age were captured in a novel written by J. D. Salinger. Jerome David Salinger, prompted mainly by his desire to become wealthy, wrote a novel that would cause mass controversy and eventually lead American authors into a new style of writing. The United States changed dramatically during the Contemporary Age. The Contemporary Age began around the time that World…show more content…
They were given these jobs because the men were fighting the war. This development of more freedom showed women that they were capable of working outside the home. They performed their new jobs as well and sometimes better than the men did. This shift in the job for the women of the country, allowed the United States to be more successful during the war. As the war ended, the men returned home. The young men who had fought in the war had lost their innocence. Many were traumatized from the war, but they came back to the United States and wanted to work. Some women gave up their jobs to become housewives again, but most fought for their right to work outside the home. After the war was officially over, a great sense of euphoria was felt throughout the country. The war brought about a boom in the American economy and people were trusting in their government more. Unfortunately for the United States, as World War Two ended, another war was looming. Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union were taking control of Europe and spreading communism. The spread of communism was not good for America. As the U.S. confronted the Soviet Union, to stop the spread of communism, a conflict arose between the two military powers of the world. This conflict is known as the Cold War. The Cold War led to fear, panic, and anxiety, as a nuclear bomb could fall from the sky at any moment of the day. Fortunately,
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