The Contemporary American Rendition Of Othello By William Shakespeare

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Othello, composed by Shakespeare in 1603, is a standout amongst the most disputable and pertinent plays to both society and people. It investigates themes such as gender equality and Jealousy that are still pervasive today. The film O, on the other hand, is the contemporary American rendition of Othello. It too explores similar notions pertinent to society. At the core of both these texts there are universal themes that make it similar, however, each text has been altered by the composers, William Shakespeare and Tim Blake Nelson, in order to make it germane and engaging for the audience of their times.
In Othello, Shakespeare challenges the desires and perspectives put on ladies in the public arena. He endeavours to change the attitude of how men esteem their partners. Thus, making men comprehend their female counterparts. In Elizabethan culture, women were seen as docile and as property to men. They had little say or esteem and was simply seen as a device to fulfil the men 's libido. They were relied upon to be dutiful and also modest. This view was significantly influenced by society’s belief in the Natural order. This is depicted in Othello when Brabantio shouts “O though foul thief, where has thou stowed my daughter” to Othello. The word ‘thief’ is a symbolism of the sex disparity that was predominant in Elizabethan times. It accentuates that women were seen as an object to be taken or "stowed away". The degree of this view is exemplified when Othello gives Desdemona…

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