The Contemporary Art of Atomic Vacation by Todd Schorr

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Description Atomic Vacation is an outstanding example of contemporary art. The painting was created with acrylic paints on a 6 x 7 foot canvas. Todd Schorr (American artist) painted Atomic Vacation in 2008 but, did not release it till the art show “Designed for Extinction” where he showcased his last decade of work. This painting caused a huge controversy with religious groups from the area around the Otis College of Art and Design in L.A. Todd Schorr is known as one of the best acrylic painters of our time. The way he blends colors, yet making each one stand out shows in great detail how he has mastered the art of acrylic painting. The color template used for this work was very wide, and that only further shows how great of an artist Schorr is. He also uses thin, fat, swirly, straight, and curved lines showing his skills of using the lines in a flowing way when it comes to the family and their camper; however, he also uses jagged lines in the horseman and demons to show a little intimidation. If you look closely at the ring around the mushroom cloud, you will notice that using a great detail of shadowing, there are demons and monsters swirling in chaos. This alone shows how Todd Schorr has mastered the art of acrylic painting with great detail. II. Analysis The subject of this painting is quite obvious. The four horsemen come straight from the New Testament of the Bible when it is depicting what will happen during the apocalypse after the rapture, and the innocent
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