The Contemporary Business Environment: Indonesian Case Study

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With the increased impetus toward globalization, organizations are undergoing continuous and rapid change driven by increased consumer expectations, the advent of new technologies, and the very real prospect of global competition. Company X, an Indonesian manufacturing company, wanted to find out if its employees were ready for change. They distributed a confidential survey and delineated the responses based on several change aspects, as well as whether the respondents were production or non-production. Within any organization, change management involves a unique number of variables: internal and external theory, change planning, and specific strategic and tactical planning that will work to ensure long-term success.
Part 1- Clearly, based on the statistical analysis of the survey; there is a high degree of support for change within the organization. On a scale with a high of 3.5, acceptance to change, change initiatives, and managing change all ranged at 3.24 or above. This shows both an intellectual and emotional openness for change. In contrast the lowest value, understanding the vision for change (2.46) indicates that while employees in both production and non-production areas are open to change; they do not really understand the overall strategic vision or reasons for such change. For Company X to succeed in change management, it would need to address major issues in the economic, demographic, and…
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