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The Contemporary Business Environment: Kingdom Authority Christian Center Ken Davis Liberty University The Contemporary Business Environment A contemporary business environment is an approved way, for not-for-profit organizations and government agencies to handle their finances instead of the efficient and effective directives available. A contemporary business environment maximizes the potential of a business, and fully utilizing the resources, in an effort to make the company more profitable. (Hicks, 2010). Kingdom Authority Christian Center (KACC) can benefit from the strategic plan of a contemporary business environment. For example, KACC is a multi-cultural non-denominational Christian ministry with a…show more content…
Therefore, KACC must include the ministry critical success factors, by develop a balanced scorecard. According to Blocher, Stout, Juras, and Cokins, 2013) a balance scorecard is made of four success factors, financial performance, customer satisfaction, internal process and learning and growing. Also, a strategy map for an easy to follow guide while the business grows towards an international market and trade due to the rising global economies. Although KACC Christianity is a global and international business, unless this nonprofit organization receive a firm allocation of finances as a management organization, KACC will not become an effective contributor domestically, nor globally, but is limited to the narrowness of support and leadership. management organization. KACC will benefit from a management organization. A management organization is the change in the response to the changes in technology, marketing, and the manufacturing process (Blocher, et al, (2013). The most fundamental of all business changes in recent years has been the increasing use of information technology (Blocher et al., 2013). Roth writes from the Lutheran tradition, and in this article outlines six particular challenges in small town ministry. The challenges Roth identifies are: 1) Church members experiencing stress from the complexity of rural economies, 2) rural people tend to resist change, 3) rural

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