The Contemporary Hospitality Industry ( Unit 1 )

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BTEC Higher National Diploma in Hospitality Management The Contemporary Hospitality Industry (Unit 1) Dr Sam Hazra 28th April 2015 Titola Omonini Task A 1.1 In my analysis of the structure of the current scales, scope and diversity that surrounding hospitality industry, I believe that the hospitality is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world. Therefore, the current scales indicates that about 46,000 hotels and guest houses are in the UK alone, while the hotel industry remains a significant sector of the economy, with around £40 billion of an annual turnover (Kotler, et al., 2013). The current scales also indicates that the hospitality industry have around 127,000 properties and with…show more content…
Furthermore, in order for these large hotels to run effectively, countless employees from all backgrounds are required which therefore means millions of jobs are being created and the industry is being made more diverse. I could clearly mentioned that the hospitality industry is very diverse due to the innovation, different people employed, languages, religion and beliefs, ownership, classification and grading system, level of service, leisure facilities and future trends etc. Hence, most hotel industries are providing services such as accommodation that include services like: gyms, internet, sauna bath, swimming pool Jacuzzi, shops, night clubs, laundry, hair and beauty salons, car parking, meeting and conference rooms etc. Again, I could say that the possession and organization of hotel grading schemes, similarly make it diverse because varied forms of proprietorship and managing style like sole administrator, partnership, public limited and private limited company have rating system of hotel by ranking with gold stars that range from one to five as indicated by the height of the service they provide to their clients. 1.2 I would like to discuss the organisational structure that formed the working relationship between the individuals and distinctive bureaus of an association interaction. I understand that authoritative structure is an official system of employment relationship that directs employees
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