The Contemporary Job Of A Design Thinker

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The common ground that unifies contemporary businesses’ success most definitely includes their ability carry out design thinking through an empathetic approach. The twenty-first century has faced a shift from the traditional perspective on design thinking as a process equated with the creation of physical designs, into a much more complex process that encompasses various perspectives of business stakeholders. The contemporary job of a design thinker is not limited to designing, however extends into ensuring business stakeholders like customers are understood and empathized with. This ability would lead any business and design thinker to a future of success as evident with Mark Parker, CEO of Nike. Having a vision that stemmed from a deep…show more content…
He kept in mind the various unique tastes of Nike customers whilst simultaneously ensuring Nike kept up with ‘fashion trends’ as people were extremely interested in black outfits. Taking that into perspective, Parker suggested a wide colour range in order for wearers to meet fashionable trends of ‘all black’ outfits with a statement Nike shoes that has a ‘pop’ of colour. For Businesses as large as Nike, business rejuvenation is a key element for continuous growth and success. This is primarily achieved through effective design thinking coupled with empathy, being able to examine the world from various perspectives including that of the customers. In the past decade, Web 2.0 enabled technologies has faced drastic growth, entering workforces and every existent industry. Hence, new needs and societal trends have emerged. Parker’s ability to empathize with Nike’s customer base has led him to collaborate with Apple to create a product that resonates with their needs. This is evident through the creation of the Nike+ App for all Apple devices. Since its creation, Nike+ app had helped millions of athletes measure, track, compare and share their running records with an international community. This increased their motivation for running, making their workouts smarter and more productive. As a past runner himself, Parker
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