The Contemporary School Of Management Thought

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The Contemporary School of Management Thought encompasses the complexity of an organization and the diversity of the individuals within the organization. Through different theories such as the systems theory, contingency theory and chaos theory, management can obtain a systematic and successful approach to dealing with the work force and situations that are embodied in such an environment. The rapid changing nature in today’s organizational environments can be interpreted and accounted for by the encompassed theories of contemporary management (Contemporary Theories in Management, 2011). Systems theory is a way of looking at an organization as a whole, and taking in account all factors of business. To explain the systems theory first it should be explained what is referred to as a system. A system is entity composed of two or more parts that are depended on the other part to effectively operate the entity (Sridhar, 2009). An example of a system would be an aircraft hydraulic system, there are multiple components of the hydraulic system but if on part of part of the hydraulics is removed the system would become ineffective. Systems theory focuses on the arrangement of and relations between the parts which connect them into a whole entity. Systems theory attempts to take into account multiple objectives, constraints and resources by doing this the management aims to specify possible courses of action, together with their risks, costs and benefits (Heylighen & Joslyn,
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