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Your Name: Oscar Pompa Date: August 15, 2014 Grade Level: 6th Content Area: Physical Education Lesson Overview: Students will be able to learn the fundamentals skills of the sport of soccer such as passing, dribbling, and shooting the ball. Instructional Objective(s) [Condition(s), Performance, Product, Criterion]: After a well-explained demonstration of the fundamentals skills of soccer such as passing, shooting, and dribbling the ball, students will be able to perform the proper techniques and tactics to play the sport of soccer. Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS): §116.22. Physical Education, grade 6. 6.1A, 6.1 I, 6.2 B. Materials/Resources: Soccer balls, cones, small size soccer goals, computer, and projector.…show more content…
Coach will explain what a midfielder does during a game. Students will watch a short clip of Lionel Messi during a game and will engage students to perform the skills of a midfielder. Coach will explain the rules and a brief overview of the lesson. Fitness Development Activity (12-15 mins) The students will warm up for 12-15 min. by doing different plyometric exercises. These warm up exercises will help the student warm up the lower body muscles which will prepare the correct muscle groups to avoid injuries. The following plyometric exercise will be applied: • Jogging • Butt kicks • Skips • Knee inside out • Knee outside in • Karaoke The students will execute each warm up exercise from one end of the court to the middle of the court and jog to the other end. Coach will give the students a quick water break after completing the plyometic exercises. During that break Coach will set up the stations. (time is money during classes) Lesson Focus (20-25 mins) Students will learn how to pass, dribble, and shoot a soccer ball. Coach will gather all students in the middle of the court and will explain the activities. Guided Practice: Coach will demonstrate each drill (passing, dribbling, and shooting.) and will make 3 different stations. • Passing the ball: Students will be paring up, they will be facing each other passing the ball with the inside part of the foot doing the full motion and full technique demonstrated by coach. • Dribbling the ball
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