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This is a critique of “Dose Culture Matter? A qualitative and comparison study on eLearning in Germany and China”. I am attracted to this article because I work in the eLearning industry doing visual content for eLearning environments. This study is relevant to my career path and is a topic of interest for me. Although my current work does not transcend the boundaries of Canada, I think as national boundaries become less significant to information products that making culturally sensitive eLearning environments will become more prevalent.
Introduction: The introduction is clearly presented and balances well the preamble of eLearning in Germany and in China, to center on what are the needs of eLearning as an exported product. Specifically this study’s focus is whether culture is a barrier faced by eLearning products made in a western culture being exported to another culture. As an education product, eLearning faces deep grooves of ingrained learning methods that have underlying cultural significance. The article sets out to appraise the cultural variables in technology-mediated learning and use a series of interviews to help determine the barriers. The authors and researchers of the article are Nadine Hammer and Andres Janson, Research Associates, and Jan Marco Leimeister, Professor at the University of Kassel, Research Centre for Information System Design, as the authors are all academics, one may presume they have knowledge and skills to conduct the proposed research.

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