The Content Inventory

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Morville and Rosenfeld (2006) defined information architecture (IA) as an emerging discipline as well as community practice that is focused on coalescing the principles of design as well as architecture to the context of digital landscape. In this paper, we present a paper on Content and Functional Requirements as an element of IA with a summary of the content inventory. Also included is a section on how content is grouped and named. A list of functional requirements with a succinct summary is also added. The website to be created is an e-commerce website for selling electronics. Content and Functional Requirements Content elements An e-commerce website contains static, dynamic, and transactional as well as functional ones. Before going into specifics, the work of Kang and Lee (2003) indicated that an e-commerce website's homepage is made up of six main elements. These includes site identity (logo and official company colors, texts containing company name and mission statement), navigation, site content, advertizing, layout and negative space. In order to list the content elements, it is important for a content inventory to be drafted. A content inventory is described by (2012) as a list of all the website contents. The content or information is what a given website offers to the users. The content must be accurate and be at the right level of detail. The information must also be presented at the right tone using the right language. The content
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