The Content Theories Of Motivation

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In organizational behavior, the content theories of motivation and process theories of motivation are important applications to analyze specific cases.

The content theories of motivation generally focus on identifying the specific factors that motivate people. First, people are motivated by their desire to satisfy specific needs, which are arranged in a hierarchical order. In the Nordstrom case, working at Nordstrom is appealing to many people because of the generous compensation packages. In ERG theory, the financial incentive is important to satisfy the employees’ existence needs to the extent that it provides for their living expense. Because Nordstrom promotes a family style atmosphere within the company, the sense of belongingness and the communication among employees provides adequate support for the relatedness needs. Lastly, the recognition of sales achievement and potential promotion provide the employees the highest hierarchical order of needs, the growth needs. However, under ERG theory, the notion of prepotency is not fixed. In the case of those who leave Nordstrom, the financial rewards do not compensate for their scarification of personal health; the communication causes unjustifiable accusation sometimes; and the ranking of sales performance diminishes the esteem needs of most salespersons. Therefore, while the motivational practice Nordstrom implements has led to stunning sales records, it also causes inevitable effect on diminishing many salespersons’…
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