The Contentment of Israel Deas

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He’s born to a single mother who’s teetering on a string between adolescence and adulthood. Tossed out from the perfect suburban cul-de-sac adorned with rose bushed twined around white picket fences, to the cold streets of the city where sin is no big deal. What she thought was an exotic romance left her seduced and abandoned, the news of her pregnancy never reaching the father’s ears. As a young child Israel Deas never understood why he was always alone, waking up in the middle of the night and calling out in the dark for a while until he drifted back off into a restless sleep. All the while, his mother cleaned houses and served drinks and danced in the local gentlemen’s club. Life on the poverty line in Las Vegas is never easy. Everyone has to make sacrifices. It’s not like it hadn’t occurred to the young woman how easy it was to leave her son at an orphanage in hopes he’d get a better life. Just because she had made some bad decisions didn’t mean he too, had to suffer. Nonetheless, she couldn’t help but love the way those golden eyes shone with adoration. Couldn’t help but dry her eyes and smile when her young and naive child comforted her. They say that some people only see the world in one colour, knowing nothing different that their norm and therefore not recognising or accepting anything other than their surroundings. Israel grew up in a bad neighbourhood, encircled by immoral people and in consequence followed their example. As hard as his mother tried to shield him

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