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The Context of Decision Making at Whole Foods Market Case 1 Wayne Davis Question 1: How would you describe the merchandising and operational decisions made by Whole Foods Market in terms of the rational, bounded rationality, and garbage can models of decision making? According to Nelson & Quick (2006), “The success of any organization depends on managers’ abilities to make effective. An effective decision is timely, is acceptable to the individuals affected by it, and meets the desired objective”. Whole Foods Market employs the use of self directed teams that are empowered to make decisions. Each regional structure of Whole Foods Market has its own decentralized process of making decisions at its stores. In other words decisions…show more content…
This model would work if we were in a perfect world. We are limited by our own humanistic limitations and therefore we are not capable of providing true rationality in making our decisions. Therefore, my opinion is that the Whole Foods Market decision-making process is based on the bounded rationality model. Even though differences exist between the various regions of Whole Foods Market, all teams must adhere to the mission and core values that have been established by the company. Because the teams are self directed and empowered to make decisions, they can base their decisions on each community’s needs, wants, and desires. Question 2: What role does participation play in the decision-making process at Whole Foods Market? I believe that employee participation plays a major role in the decision-making process at Whole Foods Market. Again, going back to the motto “Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet” shows that there is emphasis on people. This is in line with the fact that people is one of the four components of an open organizational system and a valued resource of an organization. In my own experiences I feel that employee participation plays an important part in our decision making process. When the team is involved in a decision then they can take ownership of it. Participation leads to a stronger commitment by the team and leads to

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