The Continent of North America

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CHAPTER TEN THE CONTINENT OF NORTH AMERICA North America is the fourth largest continent of the world. It occupies the next place to Asia, Europe and Africa. Financed by the king and queen of Spain the famous navigator Columbus of Italy discovered America miraculously instead of India in 1492. Many small and large islands surrounding North America are included in this continent. The islands close to North Canada, Greenland, Newfoundland and West Indies are remarkable. Location : The triangular continent extends from north of 830 North Latitude to the south of 80 North Latitude and from east of 520 West Longitude to the west of 1700 West Longitude. This continent is surrounded by the Arctic Ocean in the north, South America in…show more content…
The world famous Niagara Waterfalls is on this Niagara river. LAKES There are many famous lakes in North America. Five lakes viz. Superior. Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario are located in the border between Canada and the United States of America. The Superior is one of the largest sweet water lakes of the world. Besides, Great Bear, Great Slave, Athabaska, Reindeer and Winnipeg Lakes to the north of the continent and the Salt lake to the west of the United States of America are also notable. The lakes of Canada remain frozen during winter. CLIMATE The physiography of North America influences the climate of this continent to a great extent. The sea breeze can not enter the central part of North America due to presence of the Rocky Mountains at the west and the Appalachian highlands at the east. During winter, the cold wind from north directly blows to the Gulf of Mexico in the south due to the non-existence of any mountain extending from east to west. As a result, the central plain land keeps frozen. Again during summer, the hot wind blowing from the Gulf of Mexico upto the Hudson Bay keeps the climate hot. Climatic regions : Different types of climate exist in North America according to the influence of various factors of climate. These factors are Latitude, Altitude, Distance of sea, Wind movement, Ocean Current etc. 1.Tundra Climatic region : The tundra Climatic Region is located the north of 66.50 North circle. Most of the time
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