The Contingency And The Resource Dependence Paradigms Play A Vital Role Of Business

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Both the Contingency and the Resource Dependence Paradigms play a vital role in business. Though they have similarities, the also have differences. The following essay will describe these components. First, the contingency paradigm, a closed system, considers uncertainty and how changes in the environment affect the internal aspect of the firm (Tolbert & Hall, 2009, p. 162). The elements can include items such as size and technology, as it relates to customer demand to name a few. Another example might be that a small firm would function better in a centralized fashion verses a large firm that would benefit more from a decentralized method, whereas, fast paced environments may require high technology and slow paced industries do not. The point here is that there is not one best practice for leading or structuring a firm, hence, the company should fit within the environment depending on internal and external factors (Long, 2014). It is important to note, hhowever, coordination can become problematic in this theory. For illustration, let’s say some environmental factor cause a company to change structure from a simple structure to a more complex one. Problems with coordination in the separate departments could present itself as communication and interaction is vastly different. The key here is for the firm to adapt to the environment, as well as, integrate the activity to make a seamless whole and reduce uncertainty. In fact, the best way to organize should be contingent upon

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