The Continued Influence Of The Founders

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The continued influence of the founders. The founders have played a major part in the culture of the company. Furthermore, a lot of the policies and procedures put in place by the founders are still core values and part of the organizational culture of the business today. From the case study, it would seem that the company has an innovative culture to some extent. There is a small hierarchy of management but employees are encouraged to bring their ideas to the advisory board who will then discuss these ideas with top management. This is furthermore encouraged by an open door policy. The Golden Rule There is no clear golden rule mentioned in the case study but I would think it’s the attitude towards the customer. The customer always comes first. And the customer is the reason the company exists. Incentive management plan The company also has a people-oriented culture. Employees are given an incentive based on performance and not based on their title. Through this incentive plan, the employees are more motivated and eager to do their work to the best of their ability. Thereby increasing their productivity and their contribution to the overall success of the business. Furthermore, stocks options were also made available to all employees. The performance appraisal system Every employee is evaluated twice a year by their supervisor. And their annual bonus is calculated based on this evaluation. There are several areas of evaluation. One of the basis of evaluation is “ideas
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