The Continuing Role of the Outside World in Afghanistan Essay

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The Continuing Role of the Outside World in Afghanistan Afghanistan has been considered a land of violence and discontent for much of its history. The government always seems to be in disorder, and its people never seem completely happy. Because of this image of being unfit to control its own affairs, the international community has long been involved in the history of Afghanistan. The world intervenes in Afghan conflicts and works to keep the country in order. Sometimes the outside assistance is advantageous to the Afghan people, but at other times it is unnecessary and only creates more problems. In this paper I will examine the prominent role of the international community throughout Afghanistan’s history. I will begin with…show more content…
This the Governor-General of India, to conclude that Dost Mohammed was anti-British. The decision was made to replace him as Emir with a former ruler, Shah Shuja who was considered to be more impressionable. A British-Indian force entered Afghanistan in spring 1839. Kandahar was taken without a fight and the powerful fortress of Ghazni was seized. Dost Mohammed fled from Kabul and Shash Shuja was installed as Emir. However, the British could not afford to keep troops in Kabul indefinitely, and in 1841 preparations were made to withdraw them. Meanwhile popular opposition to Shah Shuja grew into an uprising. British diplomats were murdered and the British force lost its grip on the area. In January 1842 the Kabul garrison marched out of the city with the promise that it would be allowed to retreat to India in safety. Instead it came under immediate attack as it struggled through the cold, mountainous terrain. Only a few survivors escaped. A national uprising ensued and the British garrison at Jellalabad was besieged until they were relieved. The relief then linked up with the Kandahar garrison and marched back to India via Kabul where they rescued some British hostages. This marked the end of the war which had been a complete failure. Shah Shuja was murdered and Dost Mohammed returned to the throne. The British had been defeated by harsh conditions and strong opposition. The wars including Britain were not yet over, however. The Second Afghan

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