The Continuity Of Nursing Care

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enhances the continuity of nursing care through listing specific nursing action necessary to achieve the goals of care.

Leadership and leadership style
Personal life
I have been able to influence the behaviours of other especially in my home in order to achieve my family’s members task and objective by employing a democratic style of leadership. I do not over manager or under-manage my family or personal affairs but have struck a balance towards doing that. One must find a way to do the right thing in order to stand as an example to other. The a lot which involves intelligence energy, initiative imagination, self – assurance must all be employed to be an excellent leader.
Social Context
Our societies, countries and the world at large are not enjoying the best of leaders and leadership today because bad leadership style such as authoritarian leadership style. In this type of leadership styles, citizen especially in the under developed and developing countries such as in leader and a where the leader believes that all power resides in him, an donly him has the power to make decision and exercise control, reward and publish instead of a democratic management style. Such organisations or countries is always a failure.

Current related research
4. Leadership and leadership style
The impact of leadership style on organisation pest-make recorded how organisation countries can get effective leadership style to achieve set goals.
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