The Continuous Glucose Monitor- A Medical Device That Today 's Nurses Are Lacking

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The Continuous Glucose Monitor- a medical device that today’s nurses are lacking! Would providing every Type One Diabetic upon diagnosis a Continuous Glucose monitor be a helpful tool for nurses to help monitor them and provide better care? This proposition was envisioned when my son was first diagnosed in the hospital. The nurses were very conscious about making sure his numbers were within the correct range. Looking at this situation and wondering how it could be made easier on the nurses and patient the CGM just made perfect sense. Why would everyone struggle when this device was made to make everyone’s involvement with Diabetes much easier to handle. In order to keep track of blood sugar a Diabetic…show more content…
In a hospital setting a CGM be a great resource for caring for a diabetic. Imagine if a nurse had four type one patients to care for in the same shift. This would be a daunting task. A nurse could monitor the patients from 20 feet away from the patient. Changes in insulin dosages could be made more easily, and a sleeping patient wouldn’t be disturbed for a glucose reading. This would be a priceless tool in the hands of a Nurse caring for a Type one diabetic. All Type one Diabetics should be given a CGM covered at no cost thru their insurance upon diagnosis to help nurses provide them with the best possible care. In a hospital a nurse has many life threatening situations to prevent especially when it comes to caring for diabetics. Nurses have to make changes in insulin dosages for patients. This is a bit of a guessing game because the nurse only has sporadic glucose readings from the glucose meter. The patient receives a painful poke with a lancet device and this produces a hole in the finger. It opens an area for infection to enter the body and is time consuming. The monitor could provide data to the nurse every five minutes to help change the insulin dosage for the patient. And reduce the amount of holes poked in the patients finger. In the Dexcom manual it states “ The Dexcom Real –time CGM provides benefits beyond the information you get from a blood glucose
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