The Continuum Of Teacher Expertise

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Striding on the continuum of teacher expertise, I have been moving away from the novice end toward becoming an increasingly experienced and reflective practitioner, who constantly questions how English should be taught as a second language (L2) and gains insights from the tremendously rich literature of applied linguistics (Ellis & Shintani, 2014). I firmly believe that a reflective practitioner ought to think like a researcher when critically examining and reexamining the effectiveness of pedagogical principles and techniques through practices (Bailey, Curtis, & Nunan, 2001). The theorization of my own practices has resulted in an integrated approach — content-based, communicative, community language learning (CCC). Essentially, my planning and instructional practices are guided by the proposition that language is best learned through contextualized social interaction and fostered by strengthening L2 motivation. The first theme of this paper thus attempts to demonstrate how I have motivated students’ participation through co-constructed, interactive learning, since I recognized the individual variability with regard to the type and degree of their L2 motivation. Further, I seek to explore my role as a language planner in classroom-level acquisition planning in the second theme.
Teaching Context
During the Winter 2016 semester, I taught English 2C (intermediate) at the language program of International House Philadelphia (IHP). The course started from January 11, 2016 and
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