The Contra Affair Of The Reagan Administration

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In 1992, George H.W. Bush ran for President for a second time, this time though, something was different. More information linking Bush to the Iran Contra Affair of the Reagan Administration had become public, and the news media was beginning to make the connections. In one of the first articles released regarding his involvement in 1992, the author, Walter Pincus, began to openly criticize Bush for his deception. Pincus, who wrote a lot about Bush and his involvement, explains that “In the almost six years since the scandal surfaced, records and testimony from congressional and legal proceedings reveal that Bush, while vice president, watched Iran-Contra unfold from a front-row seat in the White House.” (Pincus, Walter, 1). Pincus is explaining here that Bush, who at one point was believed totally uninvolved in the Iran Contra Affair, was well aware of the situation. Bill Clinton, who was running against Bush, questioned his integrity after this new information was released, and at the same time, “a USA Today-CNN-Gallup Poll reported… that 55 percent of the respondents were dissatisfied with Bush’s ‘explanation of his involvement...’”(Pincus, Walter, 1) This reflected an overall trend, dissatisfaction with Bush, and dissatisfaction with the way that the Iran Contra Affair was handled. At this point in time, all of the prosecutions were being dealt out, and almost everyone involved was either pardoned, exonerated or let off on a technicality. There was a frustration with…
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