The Contract Administration Practices Between Turkey And United States

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1.0 Introduction Construction contract administration is associated with handling all aspects of contracts such as invitation to bid, bid evaluation, award of contract, contract implementation, measurement of work completed, computation of requisitions and payments, monitoring contract relationship, addressing contract-related problems, incorporating necessary changes or modifications in the contract, ensuring both parties meet each other 's expectations, and interacting with the contractor to achieve the contract 's objectives (Hinze, 2000). However, the actual contract administration practices differ between countries as influenced by various factors including socioeconomic status and cultural values. Comparing contract…show more content…
2.0. Contract Administration Practice Standards Contract administration concentrates on the relationship between the client and contractors from the contract award to the contract close out insuring the contractor delivers the services in conformance with the project requirements. The contract administrator must completely understand all aspects throughout the entire period of the project. A contract administrator’s responsibilities are shown in Table 2.2 as defined officially (URL- 9, 2014). Table 2.2: A Contract Administrator’s Responsibilities 1) Having sufficient knowledge of contracting principles as it relates to their responsibilities in administering the contract 
 2) Communicating both with the owners/client and contractors on contractual issues 
 3) Maintaining records or logs to turn over to the procurement office after the completion of the project 
 4) Monitoring contract activities for compliance with the work progress to ensure services are performed according to the quality, quantity, objectives, timeframes and manner specified within the contract 
 5) Reviewing progress reports, status reports, and timesheets as required 
 6) Approving the final product/services by submitting a written document accepting the deliverables 
 7) Providing any documentation to the department 's procurement office when contract administrator activities are not assigned to the buyer 
 8) Monitoring expenditures, ensuring funding availability
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