The Contract And The Number Of Renewals

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13% allowing her to gain more in royalties. The offer sounded to great for her to pass up. She was very agreeable. The issues left were the hard issues covering the length of the contract and the number of renewals. Since I learned their goals and interests I already new that I could not get the max out of her and could not use hard ball tactics. I began by probing/testing (1.5) her on why Paige was adamant on no renewal. I listened carefully to learn their need. She had expressed the downfalls of her last publisher and I assured her we were different and that we would not lock her down in a contract that she wouldn’t approve of. Since the duration of the contract was only in the hundreds I attempted to logroll (1.8). I said well how about I offer you a shorter contract with just a few renewals. So you would not be locked into a contract for so long and I would just get a few renewals. I attempted to use interest based persuasion (2.9). I pitched an idea that addressed their interests and mine. I acted like the number of years she signed was important even though it really wasn’t. I feinted (1.9) and said you know what I really shouldn’t do this but what if I signed her to the shortest amount of years I can offer which is three with three renewals? She didn’t realize that I was only losing 300pts, but acting like it was a major lose for me and she was gaining by only being locked in a contract for 3 years. She was still hesitant and used the agent of limited authority
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