The Contract Between The Norwich Union And Ibm

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Introduction: The case deals with the contract between the Norwich Union and IBM. NU initially has a restructuring of the organization, they decide to replace their Life and Pensions legacy systems Life 70 package decides to use I as their supplier for the Image technology and call repository, due to the “It should have been a perfect partnership” so why did the project fail? 1 There are various factors that led to the fail of the perfect partnership. The project was very challenging with tight deadlines, which both parties hoped would “bring the best out of all concerned “ 1. They did not account for the downside. The project management team was taking a longer than expected duration to finalize the contract terms, which was diverting…show more content…
The QA report had close to 50 action points in the project management space, which was another critical issue if had been identified early on in the project could have made matters better. Though the steering committee was created to solve the issues related to IAA implementation and the estimation of cost and resources, the steering committee was successful in pin pointing the issues but not addressing the issues. The steering committee was formed to address the issues faced by the project, it was unable to exercise its role due to the absence of clear information, technical nature of the debates made it harder for the steering committee to engage, lack of clarity with the hierarchical structure of power made it all the more difficult to address the issues. Lack of project management clarity: the planning activity had lot of material but lacked content, clear action items and lack of consensus on the milestones. The difficulties in the project only increased with time and a more performance driven style would have kept things on track if introduced early on. The lesser factors were that the contract did not have comprehensive risk transfer from NU to IBM, making it important for the project to work for NU, in turn reducing the performance levels of IBM. There was lack of involvement from NU with IBM prior to the finalization of the contract to understand the milestones IBM had in mind and the feasibility of the methodologies followed by IBM. The

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