The Contrast between Gothic Architecture and Romanesque Architecture

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The Romanesque and Gothic architecture period both occurred during the Middle Ages with the Gothic period taking place during the later half. Gothic and Romanesque architecture were related in many ways, but they also contrasted in style too. Over time, masons began to test the waters and push the limits. They thought of new ways to add lighting and ways to allow more height to the building without it being to heavy and weak. Many of the reasons for the change in styles had a lot to do with society and the changes it faced. There was a greater intensity occurring in piety and literature. The Gothic style embodied this new urban society. Romanesque and Gothic shared similar characteristics, but Gothic architecture was a greater departure …show more content…
These characteristics contrasted with the style of Gothic architecture. With the new Gothic style, the walls were thinner. Masons worked towards a more artistic look. Unlike the Romanesque style, which had few windows, Gothic architecture had many.
The Gothic style, dating between the 12th century and 16th century, began in France and eventually spread throughout the rest of Europe. An example of the first true Gothic church was St. Denis of Paris. Now, it is considered one of our finest artistic periods, but at the time, the term “gothic” did not exactly hold the same meaning it does today. The name came from the Goths and was used rather negatively when describing this style of architecture as they considered it to be similar to the works of the barbarians from which the name was derived.
Defining characteristics which began to create the line between Romanesque and Gothic architecture was the use of flying buttresses, this allowed for more light, bigger windows, and of course the use of a pointed arch rather than the rounded arches. Other characters which were developed and characterized as Gothic were the inclusion of large vertical towers, flamboyant spires, plate tracery windows, emphasis on windows, the reintroduction of sculptures, glass stained windows.
Within the Gothic architecture style there were three forms, the Early Gothic period, the
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