The Contribution Allport 's Influence On The Academic World Essay

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The next scholar to contribute was Allport. Allport stated that it is very unlikely that people just possessed one personality characteristic (Fleming, 2006). He claimed that personality exists in a “psychological matrix” meaning within a person, that people possessed traits which can be categorized into levels, which in turn allows there to be comparison among different individuals (Liebert, R. M. & Spiegler, M. D., 1970, 117). Allport also recognized that it is important to understand individuals within themselves, and that it is necessary to recognize some characteristics are not universal/transferable among individuals (Liebert, R. M. & Spiegler, M. D., 1970). To list the all the contributions Allport made to the academic world would be too much, in short, he among other scholars introduced an extensive list of adjectives that were descriptive of individual behaviours (Fleming, 2006). Lacking necessary agreement among classifications and definitions of the many personality traits, the further development of personality theories in the 1960’s was brought to halt. Resuming development, Cattell claimed there to be too many factors and characteristics in need of analysis (Liebert, R. M. & Spiegler, M. D., 1970). He paved the way by developing factor-analytical methods using multivariate trials (Liebert, R. M. & Spiegler, M. D., 1970). Cattell was among the academics that developed the sixteen factor personality test (Fleming, 2006). Building upon Cattell, Eysenck cropped
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