The Contribution Of Franz Schubert

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In the history of music, there are a lot of outstanding music composers throughout many decades and centuries. All of them are have great personalities and abilities which help them in creating many great music works and bring it to the public in the fullest way. Franz Schubert, in particular, is an extraordinary gift and promise in such a young age. Despite of his illness which caused his dead when he was too young, Schubert’s devoted music works and talent contributed a lot for our music world back then and now.
Franz Peter Schubertwas born in Vienna, where all the famous composer, such as Beethoven, Hummel, Mozart or Haydn, had been born in it. This thing helped Schubert to receive many benefits due to its musical offering. His father, Franz Theodorwas a schoolmaster and an amateur musician back then.Theodor met his mom Elisabeth Vietz, who is locksmith and gun maker, in Vienna and get married in 1785. Vietz gave birth to 14 children, but unfortunately nine of them died because of infancy. Schubert is the nine child who survived from infancy. Schubert’s birth in the not too late afternoon of 31 January in 1797 (Sadie p.656)
Theodor found out aboutSchubert 's talent in early so he decided to teach Schubert about violin while Schubert’s oldest brother Ignaz, taught him piano. Moreover, he also learnt about organ, theory and singing withthe choirmaster. Schubert was then admitted as a choirboy in the Court chapel in 1808 thanks to his teachers, Wenzel Ruzicka and the famous…
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