The Contribution Of Islam And Islam

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Outline the contribution to Islam of ONE significant person or school of thought other than Muhammad and the Four Rightly Guided Caliphs.
Sayyid Qutb’s contributions lie in his books and writings, which express his values and perspectives. He wrote a total of 24 book and articles criticising the American way of living and the Arab world for trying to become westernised. Social Justice in Islam was written first, expressing his belief in tawhid (unity in God) and in Islam as the only way of life. He then joined the Muslim Brotherhood, contributing to Islamic perspectives as chief editor of the brotherhood’s newspaper. Sayyid was arrested as he was accused of attempting to overthrow the govt. In prison, he completed Shadows of the Qur’an, which is a commentary on the Qur’an, trying to find new ideology and thus return to a truly Islamic environment analysing how Muhammad dealt with ignorance. Milestones was published after his release and was so controversial, it lead to him being re-arrested. Three concepts were introduced in “Milestones” known as jihad (struggle against evil as a community), jahiliyya (ignorance) and aqida (belief in Allah). As a result, Muslims strive to fulfil their duty to defeat jahiliyya through forms such as jihad to serve Allah.

How effective has the significant person or school of thought identified in part (a) (i) been in the development and/or expression of Islam?
Sayyid Qutb had an immense impact on the Islamic religion. He played an important
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