The Contribution Of Servant Leadership

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Servant-leaders strive to impact people and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. The major underlying principle is that servant-leaders will sacrifice their own agendas for the sake of their followers, while inspiring followers to become servants themselves (Crippen, 2005, p.33). Leadership that moves to serve can impact educational organizations and strengthen a culture of educational professional learning.
Crippen (2010) shares, “Servant leadership situates itself comfortably within the scholarship of teaching and learning as well as serving and leading” (p.34). As indicated in this paper, servant leadership absolutely has a place in education; a business of people on a foundation of relationships. Attributes of servant
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Geurin, examining servant leadership and professional learning communities (PLC’s) in Missouri schools has promising results (2008). Geurin (2008) concludes, that based on his findings a direct positive correlation between attributes of professional learning communities and servant leadership attributes. In Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools, a large part of professional learning takes place within the professional learning communities model, so these findings are encouraging. Guerin (2008) goes on to recommend school leaders that directly involved in developing professional learning communities within their organization, may benefit from exploring aspects of servant leadership in their own leadership development. Therefore, servant leadership does have the capacity to contribute to high impact professional learning, now it is up to today’s leaders to find the servant within.

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