The Contribution Of The Enlightenment Era

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The Enlightenment era was a significant time period in which many advancements were made in the understanding of science and philosophy. Through science and philosophy the idea of human rights was first introduced. Philosophers such as Thomas Hobbes and John Locke wrote articles regarding the role of the individual and the role the individual plays in society. They elaborated on how governments are supposed to respect and honor the inalienable human rights attained during birth. The ideas that were presented during this time period have continued to have an impact in today’s society and provide an understanding of how humans around the world, regardless of gender, race, social status, and religion, deserve to be treated. Female genital mutilation is a procedure that is considered an important human rights issue in some parts of the world by the international community. Female genital mutilation or FGM is defined as a procedure involving partial or total removal of female genital organs . “Subjecting girls and women to female genital mutilation violates their rights that are protected in international and regional instruments .” It is a social ritual that is performed in 28 countries from Africa to the Middle East. 130 million women are affected by this harmful practice each year with most girls being 4-11 years old (See Figure 1). The prevalence of female genital mutilation in Somalia is the largest in the world with 98% (Figure 2). FGM has been considered a human rights
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