The Contribution Of The Stamp Act

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As American’s of today, we often take for granted the kinds of freedoms that were earned hundreds of years ago. Sacrifices had to be made in order to gain the amount of freedom we so greatly deserved; sacrifices that were at one point a great risk to many free colonists. As the Parliament wanted to gain more control and money, it took a toll on the colonists in America and led to conflict of interests. The Stamp act was a way for the British to collect money for their expenses and debts. After the rise of tension came the startling Boston Massacre, where 5 colonists were killed by British men on the streets of Boston. At this point tensions are high between the British Parliament and the colonists, and in 1773 when the British decided to add taxes onto the Tea coming in from India, the colonists (some disguised as Indians) had other plans for that taxed tea. They dumped all of the tea into the Boston Harbor, later being named as the Boston Tea Party. As punishment, the British passed the Intolerable Acts, which basically shut down the colonist’s self-government. All of these Acts and incidents were four of the many seeds that led up to the Revolutionary War. The Stamp Act of 1765 was one of the initial disagreements that sparked the conflict between British Parliament and the colonists. The act required everything printed to be taxed. In order to print things like newspapers, court documents, books, almanacs, land deeds, etc., you had to carry a stamp purchased from

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