The Contribution Of The University Of Dhaka

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The University of Dhaka (also known as Dhaka University or simply DU) is the oldest university of modern Bangladesh which was established in 1921. It is called the ‘Oxford of the East’. It is more or less renowned educational institution in South Asia which produced and still producing a large number of great personalities. Some notable alumni of this institution are Fazlur Rahman Khan (pioneer of modern structural engineering), Muhammad Yunus (winner of ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ of 2006, pioneer of ‘microcredit’), Muhammad Shahidullah (famous educator, philologist and linguist), Buddhadeb Bose (20th century Bengali poet), Abul Fateh (one of the founding father of South Asian diplomacy), Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (the founding father of Bangladesh), Dr. Atiur Rahman (former governor of Bangladesh Bank) and so on.

Recently, the authority of University of Dhaka took a decision that there will be no second time admission test system in the university. Only freshly passed HSC students will be allowed for the admission test. It was a sudden decision which made a huge impact on second time candidates. In this assignment, I tried to find out the political economy of the authority behind this decision.

History of University Of Dhaka
The University of Dhaka was established during British colonial period in 1921. The establishment of the university was a compensation of the annulment of the 1905 partition of Bengal. The partition had established East Bengal and Assam as separate provinces,…
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