The Contribution of Texas in WWI

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Texas contribution during WW II When Japan attacked the US naval base at Pearl Harbor on the 7th day of December 1941, this marked the beginning of WWII since the USA was heeded for a revenge mission soon after that and indeed on the following day, the USA declared war against Japan. Soon countries were taking sides and alignments were formed in anticipation of the impending war. The entire USA was called upon to volunteer to the war and Texas was not left behind. Before the commencement of the war, Texas was predominantly a quiet place with frontier traditions and rural life dominating the state. The life of the Texans was predominantly within their ranches and farms and never ventured far off their local ranches with farming being the predominate activity. Texas Historical Commission (2012) indicates that even though Texans were only 5% of the total USA population, they accounted for at least 7% of the response to the call for volunteers into the WWII. Texas was not only affected at the societal level and the economy but there was a shift in the landscape. The fact that there were expansive land and a moderate temperature in Texas made it a preferred ground for trainings. There were more than 75 major military installments across Texas with 65 of them being Army fields, 35 of them being Army forts and camps 7 of them being naval bases. It is noted that there were also 60 branch prisoner of war camps. Socially the war also cost Texans a great deal since more
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