The Contribution of a Biological Perspective to our Understanding of Behaviour

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The Contribution of a Biological Perspective to our Understanding of Behaviour

The importance of Biology within the field of psychology has been

and continues to be widely debated. Some scientists such as Francis

Crick, believe that explanations for psychological differences can only be

found by the means of studying the biology of the brain and genes, this

belief is known as reductionism. However most psychologists now

believe that biology and psychology go hand in hand and that both need

to be considered; the biology and the social context, to be able to come to

a more accurate explanation. In this essay I will look at how biology

contributes to understanding behaviour
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It is also

believed by biologists that depression may be an inherited condition

passed down in the genes. However traumatic events are also known to

affect the nervous system and can cause these biological differences. In

some cases it may be to do with inheritance/biology, but it can also be to

do with people being exposed to certain levels of stress, traumatic events

and differing life experiences. Biology doesn’t explain why anti-

depressants work for some people and not others. Treatment often

involves dealing with biology and psychology through means of anti-

depressants and therapy.

Pleasure drugs such as alcohol, heroin and nicotine can also affect

mood and behaviour. They all affect the nervous system and activity

levels at the synapses which is known to affect mood. Alcoholics tend to

have lower levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin in their central

nervous system and alcohol temporarily increases these levels, which can

cause risk taking behaviour, make the person more confident and also

cause over anxiety. The low level of serotonin in alcoholics and the

‘high’ they then experience may be why they become addicted to this

drug-like substance. This is very similar to drugs such as cocaine.

Cocaine “blocks the
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