The Contributions And Importance Of Architecture In The Ancient World

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Architecture was very important in the ancient world. It contributed to the culture of countless civilizations in many different ways, including the Ancient Egyptians, the Ancient Romans, and the Ancient Chinese. Architecture was used in the ancient world to intimidate other empires and to show the importance and achievements of their society.
The Ancient Egyptians ruled from 3100 BC to 322 BC, which was when they were conquered by Alexander the Great. [7] At the peak of its rule, Ancient Egypt was a very advanced civilization. One of the main elements they advanced in was architecture. Egypt’s first pyramid was the Djoser’s Step Pyramid. [2] This pyramid showed the world how much the Egyptians had advanced in designing and constructing architecture. [2] It was the first pyramid of its time. In Ancient Egypt, architecture was sometimes used to honor their gods, such as Ra, Horus, and Isis. [2] They made massive, complex, temples in their honor and used their pictures on the walls of their burial tombs. It was also sometimes used to show the relationship between the gods and the humans at that time. [2] If Egyptians felt like the gods were mad at them, they might make the pyramids bigger and more elaborate to worship the gods in a bigger way.
One famous architectural structure built by the Egyptians was the Pyramids of Giza. The Pyramids of Giza were built from 2550 BC to 2490 BC. [8] The Pyramids of Giza served as a symbol of talent and skill shown by the Ancient
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