The Contributions I Made And The Most Important Thing I Learned

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This is my final exam essay on the contributions I made and the most important thing I learned in Michael’s Environmental Policy class. I am going to be writing about the various exercises, readings, and assignments done in the class which I feel played a large role in learning about environmental policy and the significance of the role humans play in the environment. I will also be mentioning the contributions I made towards the class project throughout the semester. There are plenty of interesting things to be learned in environmental policy, among other things, the most important thing would have to be the some of the basic theories such as sustainability and adaptive management.
Before discussing the reason behind these theories being the most important thing I’ve learned, I would like to give a proper definition behind the meaning and what I understood by them. First off sustainability is a huge theme behind environmental policy and all the other things about environmental policy. Based on all the readings we have done in class, assignments, and even our work in the Sharr Mountains, sustainability and sustainable development plays a huge role. Basically sustainability is a simple topic to explain however has a lot more behind the role it plays. The reason sustainability is so important is because it stands for the relationship that present generations and future generations have towards the environment. It means that the present generation such as ours satisfies our
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