The Contributions Of Adolf Hitler And Its Outline

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Did you know Adolf Hitler was once a soldier in the front line? Hitler started as a soldier for the Bavarian government and was promoted to a Corporal for his bravery and being one of the 2,500 out of 3,000 to survive the war with countries like Britain and Belgium. He eventually joined the German Worker’s Party and take it over along with all of the German government. Hitler’s leadership was very significant because he remilitarized his army and used his talent of public speaking as an advantage to gain popularity. He managed to collapse the dominant party in the German government, The Weimar Republic, and became the Fuhrer to make one of the most powerful forces in history. Hitler’s Entry in Politics After World War I, Hitler was a spy on the German Worker’s Party. Hitler went to a meeting of the German Workers Party and one of the leaders of the party said he could use Hitler because of his ability to rebut an argument. “Although unimpressed by the present condition of the German Workers' Party, Hitler was drawn to the sentiment expressed by Drexler that this would somehow become a movement not just a political party. And in this disorganized party, Hitler saw an opportunity.”(History place, 1996) Hitler found a party that did not have set goals, and he had his and could have a party a powerful party as his base. He later joined the committee of the party which meant that he would now be involved in the politics. A meeting of the German Workers Party was held on
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