The Contributions Of Adolf Hitler And The Defeat Of Germany

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Hitler hated Jews, early on in his life he tried to make something of himself and went to an art school in Vienna there was a war there and Hitler was a soldier. “The defeat of Germany in the first world war had a significant impact of Hitler's view and his political beliefs.” “Many nationalists and conservatives believed that Germany had not lost the war on the battlefield but due to betrayal from within, by a ‘stab in the back’.” “Socialists, communists and particularly Jews were blamed, even though more than 100,000 German and Austrian Jews had served in the war and 12,000 had been killed. After the war, Hitler joined a new extreme right wing party, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, quickly becoming its strongman because he could inspire people with his speeches.” Hitler and his party were so fiercely opposed to the new Weimar Republic, as it was called, that in “1923 they tried to seize power.” “The coup failed and Hitler was sentenced to five years in prison.” During the time he served he wrote Mein Kampf it was about his struggles. Hitler's leadership was one of vast significance because he helped in the collapse in the Weimar republic, this will increase his popularity, Hitler remilitarized the Rhineland after he canceled the militarized clauses of the treaty in march 1936.
Hitler's popularity in the 1920s was an outstanding accomplishment. Hitlers interference greatly impacted the war. Hitler was a corparol during ww1 he treated his generals as if they
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