The Contributions Of Andrew Jackson And Thomas Jefferson

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If Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson faced off, many would argue over which president was better leader and who was more effective. Jackson and Jefferson have more differences among them then they have alike, but they both stood in their beliefs and completed major events that helped with the writings of America’s history. If Jefferson or Jackson had an idea in mind that needed to be completed, they were very effective to get that job done in an efficient time. Both presidents held professions before office and out of the eight years both presidents held in office, many acts were created which aided both men to accomplish the ideas they had. Jackson’s daily life and attitude was considerably different compared to Jefferson but that didn 't stop him from getting his job done. Over all Jefferson was the better president and was more efficient thought his works. In the lives before Jackson and Jeffersons were in office, both men held many professions growing up. Both Jackson and Jefferson worked as a planter and as a lawyer. Jackson was a general for the army which set him apart from Jefferson. However, Jefferson held many other occupations that outweighed Jackson. Jefferson was a teacher, philosopher, inventor, author, and many other that he learned by trade. As and author, Jefferson published four writings dealing with the rights of Americans, a book titled The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth, and the main draft of the Declaration of Independence. Jackson never…
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