The Contributions Of John Rawls Essay

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John Rawls was born on 21st February, 1921 in Baltimore, Maryland. His father was practicing laugher and his mother was the President of the new League of women voters in Baltimore. Rawls graduated from the Princeton University majoring in philosophy. Upon graduating from Princeton University, Rawls joined the US army and when his troops visited the remains of Hiroshima, if profound effect on him. Later, he joined the Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, as assistant Professor of Philosophy. In 1962, he was given Professorship at Harvard where he published his ‘Theory of Justice’ in 1971 and was awarded the Phi Beta Kappa Ralph Waldo Emerson prize in 1972. He retired in 1991 but continued teaching political philosophy till 1995.
In 1999, a National Humanitarian Medal was awarded to him by President Clinton and in the same year received the Rolfs chock prize in logic and philosophy. He was a quiet and modest man who was not active in public life. He was the opinion that when they address the public, philosophers were misunderstood and that philosophy has an indirect influence on political life.
His interest in justice developed in earlier when he saw the mass carnage of the World War II. This made him to question the existence of religious beliefs. Why would God create human to accept and engage in slaughter and destruction of other human? He enquired whether a just society was possible to attain. The consequences of World War II led him to abandon
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