The Contributions Of Nicholas Copernicus

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Today Nicholas Copernicus is commonly known as the Father of Modern Astronomy. Over his lifetime he made many amazing contributions to the world of science. His love for astronomy first began when he was attending a university and from there it only grew. In his time some of his ideas were considered absurd, some were even frowned upon by the church. Though some of his theories were proven untrue, they have led to further study and new ideas of the astronomical world and have highly impacted the way we see the universe today. Although some of his ideas were flawed, Nicholas Copernicus made many extraordinary contributions to the world of science.
Nicholas Copernicus was born in northwestern Poland on February 19th of the year 1473. Nicholas was the youngest of four children. He grew up with his father, also named Nicholas, and his mother Barbara, as well as a brother named Andreas, and two sisters named Barbara and Catherine. When Nicholas was just ten years of age his father passed away and his mother’s brother Lucas Watzenrode became his and his siblings’ male guardian. The children’s uncle was a rich bishop who decided it best if his nephews went on to receive a college education. The two boys attended the University of Krakow, which was Poland’s only college. Nicholas was nineteen at the time.
The university led Copernicus to study subjects such as Latin, Greek, poetry, mathematics, and astronomy. These are the years when he discovered his passion for studying the…
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