The Contributions Of Paul On The Rise Of Christianity

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Paris Hunt Dr. Charles Ellis HUM 1101 June 8, 2015 Chapter 4 Discussion Explain the contributions of Paul to the rise of Christianity. Paul of Tarsus is the most essential figure in early Christianity. His transformation to Christianity opened doors for the religion. Paul 's associations, political aptitudes, and Roman citizenship gave opportunities other Christian pioneers needed. Paul 's work made Christianity open for the masses and expanded its range past the Holy Land (Fiero 98). Paul was a Roman citizen and Jewish. His citizenship gave benefits and immunities shut to numerous early Christians. Furthermore, he was knowledgeable and rich which brought political associations that the Apostles needed. Paul was especially famous amongst Jewish leader. Initially, Paul aggrieved Christians as blasphemers. He accepted the Christians distorted Judaism by asserting Christ 's divine nature. At some point after Christ 's crucifixion, he changed over. As indicated by tradition, Jesus went by Paul on the road toward Damascus. In the vision, Christ asked Paul "why do you persecute me?" The vision shortly blinded Paul and prompted his change. Some current researchers conjecture that Paul of Tarsus endured a seizure which prompted pipe dreams. He in the long run recaptured his sight and changed over. After his transformation, Paul started his service. He isolated himself from the congregation in Jerusalem. This is essential for two reasons. Initially, it permitted him to build
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