The Contributions Of The United States Of America

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The United States of America, known for our various achievements and talents, due to the help of many different figures throughout our country. Though, most of our major accomplishments derive from women. Although, some people fail to realize that many accomplishments come from the African-American women, who are given the least amount of recognition despite their many contributions to society, ranging from minor and major actions. The most unrecognized influential women, are usually found in the STEM category, with their major contributions to some of our most well known and renowned institutions.
Dr. Mae Jemison, who became very notable as the first African-American woman to pursue and fulfill her goal of being the first in her community to go into space. Jemison, who gained honors in various STEM subjects throughout high school, would then proceed to attend Stanford University to earn a bachelor 's in African-American studies as well as achieving a degree in Chemical Engineering (1977). Jemison also succeeded in achieving a doctorate’s degree in medicine at Cornell University (1981). Many of her achievements would include being a member of the Peace Corps and serving for two consecutive years in Africa, specifically in the countries of Sierra Leone and Liberia. While being assigned in Sierra Leone and Liberia, Jemison would often complete tasks dedicated to teaching personal health training, applying safety and/or health guidelines, as well as taking roles in
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