The Contributions Of Thomas Jefferson

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Our country was made upon the most rebellious, intelligent, and competent individuals who saw the wrongdoings in their authoritative enforcers; however, there was a red-haired Virginian who was less than intimidating yet more literate and educated; he was credited for driving the nail in our retaliation against Britain’s lack of representation against the colonists. This man’s name was Thomas Jefferson, a historical figure who wasn’t expected to accomplish much based on his modesty; however, he achieved so many successful pursuits in which the most notable contributions will be included in the following main points: His general background/upbringings which allowed him to gain success, his most notable contributions to the United States, and how those contributions were and still are significant. All these milestones obliged me to choose him as one of my favorite founding fathers. Along with relevance and key structure, Thomas Jefferson’s background will be discussed chronologically within different main points instead of being consolidate within a single paragraph. (History Channel) To start, Thomas Jefferson’s development allowed him to have a successful future. It all started April 13, 1743 in a simple farmhouse around the vicinity of Shadwell, Virginia. Newborn Thomas took his first breath in the Jefferson home with his father Peter Jefferson, his mother Jane Randolph Jefferson, his three brothers, and his six sisters. His family was mildly wealthy and busy where they
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