The Contributions of Doctor Gordon Buck

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What does a person have to do in order for their name to be remembered? A person has made their mark in history when their action affects how people live and think in the years to come. History is made when an individual has greatly influenced the way people live on a day to day basis. A person has made history when it is apparent that they have greatly shaped the way people think and the thoughts that they have about the world around them. With this being said, a man named Gurdon Buck has shaped the way the medical field is being viewed today. Gurdon Buck, “also known as the father of modern plastic surgery”, is recognized for being the first doctor to include pre and post-operative photographs into his publications. Doctor Buck is acknowledged for being the first person to photograph the development of his operations and the first to make steady changes over several operations. Gurdon Buck is also given credit to for the use of tiny sutures he used during his operations that would minimize scarring. Doctor Buck has made it possible for several surgeries to take place today because of the knowledge he has passed on. Some of these surgeries include cleft palate and lip repair. With Gurdon performing so many challenging surgeries, he coined a term called “Buck’s Extension” which refers to a way of treating a fractured bone.
Doctor Gurdon Buck was born May 4th, 1807 in New York City and died March 6th, 1877…

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