The Control And Management Of Public Expenditures Essay

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The Control and Management of Public Expenditures: Choice Five By Tim Bowles PPA-602 Public Financial Management A Report for the Honorable Mayor, City Council, & Board of Directors of an African Country Prof. Shawn Gillen, Instructor Ashford University MPA Program November 18, 2016 Abstract The value of an organization is what the organization is worth. It’s value today is available cash, expected future cash flows which would accrue to the owners of the firm. In the case of an organization which has ownership divided into shares, the value of the organization is the total value of the shares. This research is being performed for the Honorable Mayor, the City Council, and the Board of Directors, to address a host of issues to solve the health needs of an African Country. One of the research objectives is to put forth a “proposal, an expenditure plan, and assessing key objectives like fund accounting, and financial controls. This includes control and management of public expenditures, government financial reporting requirements”, and budgets to make good administrative decisions for a large Not-for-Profit Health Relief Organization. For the purpose of this writing, the organization of discussion is the (HRO), The Health Relief Organization. One of the main research “objectives is to propose an expenditure plan assessing the key objectives along with fund accounting, financial controls, analyzing financial statements, and budgets for making appropriate
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